e-Topia is coming!

With lockdown regulations preventing us from closing off the streets of Obs in order to erect artworks, performance stages and host a market of trader stalls, our team have worked within the limits of what’s possible – and the result is that while we will not be welcoming thousands of people to the streets as usual, we will nevertheless still host an event – and that event is e-Topia!

How will it work?

Our team are co-ordinating a range of collaborations between musicians, performers and artists that will see activities taking place within businesses and art studios in Observatory, and also further afield in the Northern Cape and Gauteng. All of the activities will then be scheduled on live streams that you’d be able to watch and interact with here on our website.

On the day, the streams will run over our usual event period, from 10am to 6pm, on Saturday November 28th.

Can you still attend events taking place in Obs and elsewhere?

You are still welcome to visit any of the venues that are participating, but please be aware that each of these will have a limit to the number of people that can gather within the venue, and each will be subject to the necessary Covid-19 protocols (masks would need to be worn, hand sanitiser used on entry and your details recorded on arrival). What is not possible are the usual road closures that make Lower Main Road into a pedestrian zone for the day, meaning that in terms of public spaces, it would be a ‘normal’ day on the streets of Obs.

And Market Stalls? What options are available for traders?

As we’re not able to close Lower Main Road, an area for market stalls cannot be set aside to host traders on the road or pavements as usual. What is possible is that traders are able to collaborate with business owners in the area, by having stalls within or on business premises. Whilst our team are able to offer some assistance and suggestions for likely businesses that may be open to this form of hosting traders, if you are a trader and wish to participate on the day, we do suggest approaching business owners directly to see if it’s possible for them to host your trading stall.

Can you add a stream of activity to our scheduled broadcast of events and activities?

Absolutely – if you have an activity you’d like to contribute, and you have the tech and bandwidth to set up a live stream from your home or business, you’re welcome to contact our team on [email protected] to discuss how and when your stream could be added to one of the stream rooms on the day.

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