The Event

What activities take place on the day?

A wide range of performances, music and art from AfrikaBurn and Cape Town-based artists are scheduled and displayed, whilst performances of music, dance, poetry, drumming and so on also take place at a variety of indoor and street venues – and in 2020, these will form the basis of our event, taking place online in a range of broadcasted streams.

If you have music, art, decor or an activity you’d like to contribute on the day, please email [email protected] 

Market Traders & Stalls

In 2020, we will not be able to close Lower Main Road as usual, and so the usual spread of many dozens of trader stalls on the road will not be part of this year’s event. That said, business owners along Lower Main Road and surroundsĀ  have indicated that they are willing to share space to accommodate a limited number of trader stalls.

If you are a trader and would like to be considered for the limited number of spaces available, please email [email protected] so that our team are able to assist you in finding a space that is suitable for your stall size and type.


Our event usually plays host to a number of art exhibits – on the streets, and also in studios located in or around our event area. Stay tuned for news on this front – and, if you have an art studio or exhibition space in Obs and would like to have your space shown during the schedule of streams on the day, contact our team on [email protected]

Road Closures

An extended portion of Lower Main Road usually features market stalls, buskers and other activities. Unfortunately, in 2020, our event team will not be able to close roads and invite the usual throng of thousands of people to the streets of Obs.

Need info?

If you require any info regarding Streetopia, email [email protected] and a member of the organising committee will get back to you.