Tracey Rose

Beat the drums & shake what ya mama gave ya – because the Don’t Call Me Moses stage will be graced by the inimitable Tracey Rose on the day! Yes indeed, this stage is shaping up to be a powerhouse of womxncipation – catch it all on the day on Trill Road, in front of the Streetopia Legacy mural created by Marti Lund, Skubalisto and Aweh Migo back in 2015 when we started this crazy (and free!) community street fair. Respect to Lu Cherry for rustling up such a star ensemble!

Nobody for President

Underground hip hop / rap soul avant-garde conscious retro electro party funk jams for you? Step up to the Afroboratory Stage (which will be at the Norfolk Rd end of Lower Main) on the day, and catch Nobody For President! They’re on at 2:30, and promise to blow. your. mind!

The Shrine (With Respect to Fela)

Named in honour of the Lion of the Kalakuta Republic – Fela Anikulapo-Kuti – The Shrine’s set to shake what your mama gave ya, check it out! Massive gratitude to boss & minister of musical culture, Cuito Naude and everyone else involved in making this stage happen! The Shrine Stage Schedule: 10 am – 2pm: The Other Records 2pm to close: J-Cue Sibs Blaqkongo Keith Virgo Cuito (set times for this stage are subject to the creative whims of the performers – catch them on the fly, on the day)

The Other Records

Stepping up to take the first slot on The Shrine stage on the day will be the team from local Obs record store, The Other Records! Stay tuned for more info on the killer lineup that stalwart Cuito Naude has been wrangling – as always, you can be sure that he & his posse will be dropping a great selection of beats.