Driveway Art Show

Even more announcements, so late? You better believe it – and it’s all down to the fact that as a community-based event at which anyone is invited to participate, there’ll always be spontaneous surprises – even throughout the day tomorrow. If you’re wandering around tomorrow, pop past Cathy McShannon’s Driveway Art Show – it’s happening at the corner of Oak and Ash Roads from 2pm tomorrow. Thanks, Cathy!

Conversations with 7 Artists

Art? Step right this way – there’s a great exhibition opening Thursday at the Pop-Up Place, at 42 Trill Road, featuring 7 notable artists, and art books. And the exhibition will be open for us on the day we take to the streets. Many thanks to Liddi Rau for alerting us to this great exhibition!

Chalk Art

All roads might lead to Rome – but all gutters in Obs lead to the Liesbeeck River. So, as a Leave No Trace event at which we do our best to leave the area better than we found it, we’ve very happy that artist Charl-Christo is embarking on an (eco-friendly) art initiative to highlight the issue of keeping our waterways clean & unpolluted. Many thanks to Charl-Christo for this superb art intervention – look out for his chalk art at gutters and drains in our event area!

Ian Mackie – ‘Sea Life Drawings’

We’re happy to announce that Obs local artist Ian Mackie will be exhibiting on the day! Catch his ‘Sea Life Drawing’ show of underwater photos & figure drawings at Framing Place, 46 Lower Main Road, from 10am – 4pm on the day. Thanks, Ian!

Gondwana Digitata

Artwork announcement! Zimbabwean artist and all-round nice guy Jon Wreal‘s ‘Gondwana Digitata’ will be joining us again! Look out for new growth of this artwork, which represents our African baobab tree which is a symbol of life and positivity. Many thanks to Jon for stepping up and contributing his piece – and for this shot of the work in the wilds of AfrikaBurn.

T ≈ 2 π √ (L / g)

Artwork announcement! We’re very pleased to confirm that ‘T ≈ 2 π √ (L / g)’ will be joining us to add its mathematical kinetic swinging to the mix on the day! Many thanks to creators of this magnificent AfrikaBurn artwork – Chris Megan and Carl Cronje!