Streetopia 2017?

Well hello again – and welcome back!   If you’re looking for news on the 2017 event, sit tight and stay tuned – though the event dates are still a long way off yet (yes, it is planned for the same period as the last two years – end of November) our team have been discussing various aspects of the 2017 event. If you’re thinking about bringing an activity to the event, or have plans to man a stall in the market, keep an eye on our Facebook page and… Read More »Streetopia 2017?

2016 Event Guide

Here it is – our gloriously green 2016 event guide*! At the event, you’ll be able to pick up copies on the Village Green at the Info Booth, or you can pick them up at any of our official supporter stores, cafe’s, bars and restaurants, which you can identify by their bright green ‘Streetopia Supporter’ stickers. This is the inner page:     And here’s the outer:     To view a large version, or download your own to use at the event, click the images to view the hi-res… Read More »2016 Event Guide

Parking & Public Transport

So you’re coming? Fantastic! As an event, Streetopia only happens with the support of residents – and we’d like to make sure they don’t get parked in on the day.     So, please help us to keep our event area clear by using public transport (or coming by bike), so we can keep the narrow streets of Obs clear of snarl-ups. If it’s a bus you’re after, you have options: – MyCiti has a station at Salt River, 800m from our event area – Golden Arrow service Main Road,… Read More »Parking & Public Transport


  To pull off our little carnival in the streets, it takes the spirit and hands of a bunch of volunteers. Got time to step up and help out on the day? Great! Our event team looks after everyone that volunteers by providing meals and drinks on the day they volunteer, and of course guidance for the tasks they undertake. It takes a village to create Streetopia – and many hands on deck to make it run smoothly, so if you’re in the area, and are interested in volunteering, we’d… Read More »Volunteer!

Q&A Session – Nov 1st

Ahead of this year’s Streetopia event, and as a means of answering any questions and providing info, the event team will be holding a Q&A Session at the Obs Community Centre. The session will be held from 6 – 8pm on November 1st 2016, in the NA room. Event team members will be on hand to answer any questions, including any about road closures, traffic management, safety measures, health & sanitation, event permitting as well as the wide range of activities planned for the day and where they will be… Read More »Q&A Session – Nov 1st

Welcome to Streetopia!

Howzit! Welcome to Streetopia’s website. Here you can find out about the event, how it works, where the action takes place on the day and how you can get involved. And we really do mean get involved: as a community-based event that’s designed to be accessible to the residents and businesses of Observatory, you’re welcome to step up and participate! There are many ways to participate: – deliver a speech about the art of growing bonsai vygies – demonstrate that nifty DIY solar laptop you built – tapdance to Ma… Read More »Welcome to Streetopia!