And That’s A Wrap!

Wow, did that all really happen, on our streets and Village Green? Because if you take a walk around the event area now, there’s barely a trace that thousands of people thronged through the streets of our hood last Saturday on the 1st of December! Our event team’s had a chance to take a breather, after 4 months of solid planning, building and erecting – and they’re now in the process of contacting all stakeholders to get a good overview of how the event was received by residents, business owners,… Read More »And That’s A Wrap!

Give Us Your Feedback on This Year’s Event

The artworks are packed away, the signage has been taken down, the crowds have long cleared off our streets – and hopefully all that’s left is the memory of a great day on the streets together. If you’re an Obs resident, business owner, artist or stall holder, we’d like to invite you to provide our event team with your feedback, so that we can make future events even better for all concerned. To provide your feedback, please click the link below:L Streetopia 2018 Feedback Form   Thanks to everyone that… Read More »Give Us Your Feedback on This Year’s Event

Our 2018 Event Guide is Here!

If it’s the Friday before Streetopia hits the streets, you can be sure that our crew are busily starting the process of erecting signage and basic event infrastructure across Obs – and that our Event Guide is ready for you! Here it is in all its glory, as a PDF for you to download and read (just click on the image to download): For those who want a printed version, simply head to our event area on the day, and pick up a copy from one of the following Business… Read More »Our 2018 Event Guide is Here!

On the ‘AWEH Mural’ – Pics and Story

If you’re headed along Lower Main today, take a stroll past Stanley House and check out the wall outside The Peacock – that’s where you’ll spy the work of Marti Lund and AwehMigo, whose craft has been channeled into a glorious piece that forms one of the parts of this year’s Legacy Projects.

See some of the pics here for an idea of the process – and read on for info on the artists’ approach and the inspirations for it:

Read More »On the ‘AWEH Mural’ – Pics and Story

Event Disclaimer

Here’s our event disclaimer folks – it’s is a legal formality that’s a requirement of our event permit, but as with any outdoor event, the usual rules apply: look after yourself, and others, and remember that (even in a public place) there are laws in place that relate to you, your possessions and unexpected accidents.

Train Up As A Community Ranger!

As a community-based event, the whole of our day together on the streets is powered by the spirit of volunteering. The artworks, performances and many other activities are all offered as a gift to the community of Obs – as are the time of many folks who fill shifts in operational roles on the day. And among these are the eyes and ears of the community – our Rangers. Rangers are from the community, for the community – and their role is to act as community mediators, and also to… Read More »Train Up As A Community Ranger!