On the ‘AWEH Mural’ – Pics and Story

If you’re headed along Lower Main today, take a stroll past Stanley House and check out the wall outside The Peacock – that’s where you’ll spy the work of Marti Lund and AwehMigo, whose craft has been channeled into a glorious piece that forms one of the parts of this year’s Legacy Projects.

See some of the pics here for an idea of the process – and read on for info on the artists’ approach and the inspirations for it:

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Streetopia Legacy Project – Invitation to Contribute

UPDATE: The deadline for proposals has been extended to Tuesday 14th August 2018 As part of its ongoing legacy project, every year’s Streetopia event leaves some permanent works of art in Observatory – and an opportunity is available for you or anyone else to be involved in making a difference to the civic art landscape in Obs. This year, funds have been specially allocated to leave behind several civic/public art works. To this end, we’re looking for proposals for specific sites (see more detail below) and three categories of works:… Read More »Streetopia Legacy Project – Invitation to Contribute

Welcome to Streetopia!

Howzit! Welcome to Streetopia’s website. Here you can find out about the event, how it works, where the action takes place on the day and how you can get involved. And we really do mean get involved: as a community-based event that’s designed to be accessible to the residents and businesses of Observatory, you’re welcome to step up and participate! There are many ways to participate: – deliver a speech about the art of growing bonsai vygies – demonstrate that nifty DIY solar laptop you built – tapdance to Ma… Read More »Welcome to Streetopia!