Travis Lyle

Event Disclaimer

Here’s our event disclaimer folks – it’s is a legal formality that’s a requirement of our event permit, but as with any outdoor event, the usual rules apply: look after yourself, and others, and remember that (even in a public place) there are laws in place that relate to you, your possessions and unexpected accidents.

Train Up As A Community Ranger!

As a community-based event, the whole of our day together on the streets is powered by the spirit of volunteering. The artworks, performances and many other activities are all offered as a gift to the community of Obs – as are the time of many folks who fill shifts in operational roles on the day. And among these are the eyes and ears of the community – our Rangers. Rangers are from the community, for the community – and their role is to act as community mediators, and also to… Read More »Train Up As A Community Ranger!

Help our Event Get an OK on Noise Exemption

In order for an event our nature to take place in Obs, and in terms of City of Cape Town bylaws, every year’s event since our first in 2015 has required that our event team seek an OK from residents who live within a 100m radius of any amplified sound. As a community-based organisation that exists only with the support and assistance of residents and business owners in Obs, our team walks the streets, knocks on doors and drops off forms to obtain that OK in the form of signatures… Read More »Help our Event Get an OK on Noise Exemption

Sign up, Step up & Participate!

  To raise our event, run it and then pack it all away takes a small army of helping hands – and as we’re now just weeks away from our event date, it’s time to start wrangling our volunteers and get everyone ready to leap into action over our event period! There are a wide range of ways you can get involved in our event – and all of them are loads of fun. From helping move artworks into place, or distributing our event guide on the day, and on… Read More »Sign up, Step up & Participate!

New Year, New Design!

If it’s September, it must mean that our team are already beavering away in the background – plotting, planning scheming and dreaming of this year’s event. And that’s definitely the case, as we’ve been rather busy already, meeting with civic organisations such as Obsid and having discussions with the Obs Civic Association, and other stakeholders, as we tool up for our annual rollout of announcements. Our communications team has also been busy, and it’s with a generous serving of pride that we can now officially release our brand-new Streetopia identity,… Read More »New Year, New Design!


The wheel of the year is turning, and as we all breathe a collective sigh of relief at the downpours of welcome rain, our event team are already planning Streetopia 2018. Obviously, because the entire event is open to you and your creative contributions, performances and public art, not even our team know what this year’s event will look like. But what we do know is that the date for us all to get dressed up and gather again is Saturday December 1st! We look forward to seeing the Obs… Read More »2018 DATE CONFIRMED!