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Streetopia is an annual event that sees the streets come alive for a day of colour, creativity and good vibrations. It's free, and everyone's invited.


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It's your event: you create the vibe, and the activities. All you need to do is think of something to contribute, and then get involved and do your thing.

The Event

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Picture a day of community, art, mutated vehicles, music, street performers, market stalls and gifting. A free community carnival. That's Streetopia.

Latest news and information:


  •   It’s true! Thanks to the efforts of artists, community member and volunteers in the Gauteng region that have stepped up to assist our team in organising an event in their area, Streetopia Jozi will be hosted in Melville on Saturday October 12th! As with Streetopia Obs, the event is planned as a collaboration between […]

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  • In 2015, our team and community embarked on a new collaborative event that partnered with the community and civic bodies in Observatory, Cape Town, to create a free one-day festival of creativity that sought to bring art and interactive experiences alive in public spaces. That event is our very own Streetopia – and it’s gone […]

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  • Wow, did that all really happen, on our streets and Village Green? Because if you take a walk around the event area now, there’s barely a trace that thousands of people thronged through the streets of our hood last Saturday on the 1st of December! Our event team’s had a chance to take a breather, […]

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